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CSRA Direct Deals Postcard Advertising

  • Printing & Design

    We provide the most affordable and highest quality printing for your marketing needs. Design services available include page layout and placement review, copy proofing and revision, and enhanced space utilization.

  • Postcard Advertising

    Get maximum exposure with our postcard direct mail marketing program. Provides 100% visibility to your message. Fully exclusive. No competitors on the postcard. No pages or envelopes to obscure your message.

  • Magazine Advertising

    Highly affordable direct mail advertising in a high quality, glossy magazine format. Perfect for larger full page ads, advertorials, and building your brand. You can't afford not to advertise in this locally produced monthly publication.

  • Marketing Consulting

    Consulting services provide an assessment of your current advertising and marketing, with an analysis of costs and returns, and implementation and training for improving response, tracking response, and measuring results.

Postcard Advertising

Our massive 9″ x 12″ billboard style postcards allow local businesses to share the costs of printing, postage, and design to get their ads in front of more customers at a significantly lower cost than solo mailings.

And unlike other co-op print directories or coupon books, our postcard provides cover page exposure and business type exclusivity. That’s right, we won’t put any competitors on the card. Simply put, you’ll get more exposure and better visibility to your message so it gets read and doesn’t get lost among a slew of redundant, stale and worse yet—competitor offers.

Targeted Distribution
Each postcard is mailed to 10,000 addresses that are strategically defined to ensure appropriate targeting with each mail piece and your marketing message. Our mailing zones our defined by zip code, neighborhood, and demographic criteria such as household income and property value.

No Competition
Dominate the market with business type exclusivity. With only 12 to 16 businesses on each postcard, we simply won’t allow your competitors on the same card or mailing. No competition means that your ad gets more attention, better response, and you get more business.

100% Visibility
With your advertisement on the cover of our massive billboard style postcard, your message gets massive exposure and 100% visibility. Ad placement is crucial to exposure and our postcard ensures your ad gets seen by more potential customers. No pages, envelopes, or competitors means more visibility and more exposure for you and that means more business for you.

Consulting Services Included
We review your existing advertising, its costs, and provide suggestions for improvement. We’ll help you to track and measure the results of your advertising to improve your advertising and reduce your costs. Finally, we’ll help you to craft direct response ads and improve your brand advertising.

Very Affordable
Effective postcard direct mail advertising has never been more affordable. You get high quality cover page exposure for pennies per address. Printing, design, postage, and delivery are all included for one very affordable price.

Direct Response Marketing Consulting

Our direct response marketing consulting services are included when you advertise in the CSRA Direct Deals postcard. We provide a comprehensive review of your marketing materials, advertising, and branding with the goal of improving your advertising, its effectiveness, and reducing your overall marketing costs.

Our consulting centers on direct response advertising, tracking and measurement of advertising, and accessing the results of any and all advertising. Our philosophy is simple: advertisements that do not return a profit are expenses that should be eliminated. On the other hand, advertisements that work and return a profit should be considered investments and expanded upon.

Budgets are often a topic of concern when considering advertising and marketing expenses. Read the paragraph above again and you’ll understand why we’ll suggest against having an advertising budget. At least not one in the traditional sense of spending a predetermined sum without proper assessment as to its performance.

If you’re not ready to advertise, you can still take advantage of our expert direct response marketing consultation for only $295. The direct response advertising consultation is an on-site consultation provided by David Boykin, owner of Direcmark, LLC. Schedule your consultation today and start getting the results you deserve from your marketing and advertising efforts.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What does the CSRA Direct Deals postcard look like?
The CSRA Direct Deals postcard is a massive 9″ x 12″ postcard printed on 14pt cardstock with a high gloss UV coating. The postcard is professionally designed, colorful, distinctly visible, weather / handling proof, and literally weighs a solid ounce. It’s the largest dimension mail piece that can be sent without being folded for insertion into the mailbox.

We designed the postcard to include eleven to twelve standard ad spaces and three to four large ad spaces. The standard ad spaces are 3.68″ x 2.68″ and large ad spaces are 3.68″ x 4.14″. We may occasionally offer smaller ad spaces of 3.68″ x 1.96″ in place of the large ad spaces. Ads are placed with 1/4″ spacing between each ad for maximum visibility.

How much does advertising on the CSRA Direct Deals postcard cost?
The CSRA Direct Deals postcard advertising rates are based on the size of the ad and the number of mailings (months) that you sign up for. Design, printing, and mailing is included in the total pricing. Pricing and availability may vary. Contact us for current pricing and availability.

Is there a minimum required for advertising on the CSRA Direct Deals postcard?
Effective direct response advertising is best realized with repetitive exposure to your message. For this reason, we require a minimum 2 month agreement. We offer preferred rates for 6 month and 12 month agreements.

Why should I use direct mail advertising?
Direct mail advertising allows you to get more exposure and visibility for your business but can be expensive and must be done frequently to work effectively. The CSRA Direct Deals postcard makes direct mail marketing more cost efficient and much more effective than other co-op advertising platforms. We also use proven advertising strategies to ensure your message gets noticed. Our high quality format also creates more visibility for your message due to the variety on ads presented on the mail piece.

Where is the CSRA Direct Deals postcard distributed?
The CSRA Direct Deals postcard is distributed to strategically defined ‘smart zones’ in South Carolina (Aiken County, Edgefield County, McCormick County) and Georgia (Columbia County, McDuffie County, Richmond County). Each ‘smart zone’ consists of approximately 20,000 residential and business addresses. Distribution in South Carolina reaches Aiken, Beech Island, Clarks Hill, Graniteville, Jackson, North Augusta, Trenton, and Warrenville. Distribution in Georgia covers Appling, Augusta, Dearing, Evans, Fort Gordon, Grovetown, Harlem, Hephzibah, Martinez, South Augusta, Thomson, and West Augusta. In addition, surplus distribution in South Carolina may reach Barnwell, Bradley, Edgefield, Johnston, McCormick, Modoc, Mount Carmel, Plum Branch, Troy, Williston, and Windsor. Surplus distribution in Georgia may reach Millen, Gibson, Lincolnton, Mitchell, Stapleton, Waynesboro, and Harrison.

Is CSRA Direct Deals a franchise or locally owned business?
CSRA Direct Deals is a direct mail postcard created, designed, and published by Direcmark, LLC. Direcmark, LLC is a locally owned business (not a franchise) providing a variety of consulting and marketing services to local businesses in the CSRA and Greater Augusta Area. Direcmark, LLC is a member of the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce and the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce.

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